My Sisters

This evening six women who are doing humanitarian relief work in Southern Sudan treated me and my colleagues to a special dinner in celebration of the launch of their new communications program that we all developed. It was a really great moment actually.

These women are remarkable and powerful in their conviction. And even more so in their deeds. They strive every day to mobilize all the necessary resources to eliminate the strife of women in southern Sudan and Darfur. The Sisters are women of sigificant character and therefore significant means. They are a testament to the notion that an idea and the will to bring it to fruition can change the world… and more importantly, is a worthy pursuit even if its only lasting value affects one other person.

They are, of course, affecting countless people and have inspired me and my colleagues to want to do more to help out. You can help out to. Visit My Sisters Keeper online. Everyone plays a role in the peace and happiness of the world. We are all our sisters keeper!

The Sisters are Gloria White Hammond, Cynthia A Bell, Patricia H Brandes, Ashley Lanfer, Sarah Cleto Rial, Liz Walker, and Melinda E. Weekes.


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