B and B in high demand

While strolling through town today, Tim and I stopped into a gallery. After some conversation and the usual “sniffing out” of each other–us and the gallerists that is, somewhere in the conversation the issue of my upcoming graduate studies surfaced. Without a blink, the gallerist offered some friendly advice: “If your going to make photographs, make sure they are BIG. And while your at it, don’t make blue or green images. Yellow can be a problem too. In fact, a lesson I learned some time ago: if your going to exhibit in cool climates, make warm images and if your going to exhibit in warm climates, make cool images. And everyone loves colorful images.”

Is this really what it all boils down to? Is this the true commoditization of art?

I have to say, I really enjoyed listening to these pearls of wisdom. It was almost as if I was in a dream state imagining such things being said. I could barely believe my ears and yet right there, in front of us, was a kind gentleman trying to launch me into graduate studies in a way he thought was most helpful and generous.

Pinch me. This can’t be happening.

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