Carol and Mariah

While waiting for a bus after a quick teeth cleaning in Boston’s Copley Square, I walked by two homeless gentlemen. One was in a wheel chair and had amputated legs. He was wearing a bright yellow soccer jersey. The other was sitting and rising and sitting and rising in an almost nervous routine. His jersey was a bright but deep blue soccer style as well.

The man in the wheel chair asked of his companion, “Don’t you just love Carol Channing? I really love that woman!” To which the man moving in swift up and down motions replied, “It’s Mariah for me. I don’t think that woman knows how hot she is.”

I wasn’t sure which of these lines I enjoed more, so I leave them for you to ponder… Carol Channing or Mariah Carey? And is it possible that Mariah has no idea how hot she is? And why do we know who these women are anyway? Or do we know who they are? Another crazy life moment on the street.


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