That just wouldn’t have happened

Last night we went to see the Devil Wears Prada. We had heard it was really funny. Well, it really wasn’t. It was not a bad movie, just not all that funny. It was more sweet than funny. The humor came after the movie. While exiting the cinema with a few hundred other happy people–the movie is definitely designed to leave you happy–we were flanked by a gaggle of young women. They were discussing the ending.

A little plot background: The main character of the movie struggles to sustain her own integrity in an environment that is not aligned or well suited to her character. After two hours of debasing the fashion industry to prove this misalignment, the author / filmakers put character determination and “The Cat Maiden” fable into action. Through the journey of this young woman she inadvertently destroys the opportunity for her colleague–illustrated with complete superficiality–to fulfill the colleague’s dream of going to a Paris Couture show–and the heroin of the movie ends up going to Paris in her place. The trip to Paris included the promise of lush and excess fashion being added to her wardrobe. In the end moment of peace and reconciliation, the heroin calls the colleague to give the colleague all of the spoils of the Paris trip as part of a peace offering. The colleague concedes and happiness abounds.

Thats the long set up. But the payoff came squeezed in amongst the gaggle of young women while exiting via an escalator. “Yeh, I really liked it.” said one to another. “Those outfits were amazing. I could only dream…” said yet another before being interupted by an opposing opinion. “I liked it well enough, but it just wasn’t all that believable… I mean really, who would actually give up that amazing wardrobe like that. That just wouldn’t have happened!”

Nature will out.


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